April 10, 2020

Visting Shanghai; The Essential Guide To Make Your Trip Unforgettable

When it comes to visiting Asia, Shanghai might not be on top of a tourist’s bucket list. However, you might be surprised to discover that Shanghai has a lot to offer, much more than futuristic skyscrapers. Indeed, Shanghai is characterized by an almost unique mix of technology, innovation, and modernity, all in juxtaposition with the strong traditions that are still more than alive. This makes this immense city picturesque and allows its visitors to get involved in several different activities and experiences to get to know the city better.

However, the dynamicity and the hasted lifestyle might make it hard for a visitor to know what sights and landmarks to visit in Shanghai and some might be put off by this megalopolis. Shanghai is, in fact, the second-most populous city on the planet, well known for its futuristic towers, numerous shops, stores, and skyscrapers but not much talked about in terms of tourism. However, this city is an extraordinary place that you should make sure not to miss on a trip to China. To make things simple for you, we put together a list of the sights and landmarks in Shanghai that you should make sure to pay a visit to.

Getting There: How To Take The Best Flights To Shanghai

Before starting with our guide on the things you should not miss in Shanghai, let’s quickly have a look at how you can get there. If you are looking to fly to Shanghai and save some money, consider flying on Tuesday and avoid taking your flight on Sunday, which is the day in which flights tend to be more expensive.

As with other flights, the price you’ll pay for your flight ticket depends on when you book. Usually, you can find the best fares if you purchase your ticket 2 months in advance of your departure. Flight deals to Shanghai tend to be around F>February, but if you are looking for warm climate, you should go in July. August, on the other hand, is the wettest day so take that into account.

Take A Stroll Along the Bund

One of the most iconic sights in Shanghai is the popular waterfront boulevard known as the Bund. The contrast between some traditional buildings and the futuristic skyscrapers makes for beautiful scenery. Furthermore, The Bund is active all day, day and night and visited by Chinese tourists, locals, and foreigners taking pictures of the stunning view.

Admire The Beauty of Qibao

Around Shanghai, you’ll find eight water towns that are worth visiting. If you don’t have enough time to visit them all, one of the most beautiful ones is Quibao, known for the amazing street food and picturesque canal views. Qibao itself is very small, but you should take the time to organize a day trip. If you can, avoid going during the weekend, when it is more crowded.

Relax In The Attractive Fuxing Park

Even if this park is not the largest one in the city anymore, it is still worth visiting. If you are looking for an escape from city life, you’ll get plenty of green space and vegetation. One of the most common sights will be seniors playing cards or mahjong.

Get Hipster At M50

One of the hipster districts of the city is M50, short for Moganshan 50 and home to Shanghai’s best art galleries and museums. If you are interested in art and culture, this is the place to visit.

Visit The Longhua Temple

Possibly famous among tourists for the movie and book “Empire of the Sun”, this temple is one of the most popular sights and landmarks in Shanghai. With five halls and two towers, this temple is the largest one and most active in the city.

Get Some Shopping Done in Tianzifang

In this labyrinth of nice alleys sandwiched between red brick lane houses, you’ll find plenty of restaurants, shops, and galleries. If you are looking to get some shopping done, in Tianzifang you’ll find all you need: from shoes to tea and vintage photographs, this district has a much more traditional feel than other ones around the city.

Get Lost in The Charming Old City

One of the best neighborhoods to explore in Shanghai is the Old City. Once the core of the city and surrounded by a fortified wall, today, this part of Shanghai offers you the opportunity to see local buildings and a slice of the old style of the great megalopolis that Shanghai has developed into.

Awe At the Beauty of Soon Qing-Ling’s Former Residence

This beautiful palace built back in the 1920s by a German shipowner was the primary residence of the Soon Qing-Ling, wife of the nationalist leader Sun Yat-sen. Apart from admiring the beautiful architecture of a building extremely well preserved, you can visit a small museum containing the history of the couple.

The Bottomline

Shanghai, a city of contrast where ancient buildings are sandwiched between futuristic ones is a must-stop along your itinerary in China. You’ll be able to learn about local traditions and taste delicious food while finding something worth visiting almost around every corner of the city. The great thing is that no matter your taste, you’ll find activities and attractions in Shanghai suiting your needs and expectations.

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