May 1, 2020

Tourist guide to know what to see if you visit Athens

If among your next tourist destinations is the city of Athens, you must be very clear about your route plan to travel a city considered the cradle of Western civilization and with more than 3,000 years of history.

This city is known for being considered an antique museum open to the public 365 days a year, and the truth is that it is not for less. Athens has a myriad of archaeological monuments, old neighborhoods that have not changed a single bit over time, and a wide variety of viewpoints from which you can take some photos for the really precious memory.

On the other hand, we must not forget that it is a city located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which makes its gastronomy also a jewel worth admiring.

Countless traditional Greek dishes will delight lovers of Mediterranean food, full of nuances and authentic flavor.Here’s a little guide to help you know which places you shouldn’t forget to visit. Started.

Sightseeing Athens

The Acropolis

The Acropolis is definitely a must-see when you arrive in Athens. It has incredible views of the whole city, as it was built at 150 meters high. It has a wide variety of buildings and temples to contemplate, among them: the imposing Parthenon, built in time of Pericles, the famous and great reference of the classical architecture Temple of Athena Nike, the Theatre of Dionysus or the Odeon of Herodes Atticus.

 Ideally, try to visit the acropolis first thing in the day, around 8 a.m., so that you can climb quietly and avoid crowds of people, especially if you decide to make the trip in summer season.

Ancient Agora

The Agora was what is now popularly known as “the village market“. It was the meeting point of the inhabitants of the city and where the main economic and social activities of its inhabitants were carried out. It was full of theaters, administrative buildings and food stalls, however the vast majority of them have disappeared over time and we will only be able to see part of its ruins.

Some of the most important remains to be seen are the temple of Hephaesto, the Odeon de Agrippa or the Via Panatenaica, among others.

Plaka Quarter

This is without a doubt the most traditional neighborhood of the city and the one that best reflects the Greek style of yesteryear. Its main attraction is that it is located at the foot of the acropolis, so good views are guaranteed.

Despite the abundance of tourism, its streets have managed to preserve the charm of ancient cities, with narrow and high passages and unique facades dating back to the 19th century.

 It is its most central area we can find many bars that will offer us menus of typical food of the area, pleasant terraces to have a fresh outdoor and many small souvenir stalls.

Monastiraki Neighborhood

This is another of the most symbolic neighborhoods of the city of Athens, west of the Acropolis, you will find a place full of Turkish tradition and emblematic architectural constructions of the time, such as the Fethiye Mosque, the Pantanassa Church, the library of Hadrian or the Tower of the Winds.

This neighborhood consists of a set of markets where you can find all kinds of local products and taste some traditional dishes that will make you enjoy Greek gastronomy.

Filopappou Hill

This hill is considered one of the best viewpoints in Athens, with 147 meters high and magnificent views of the whole city and the Acropolis. It is named Filapappou by the monument built on its top in honor of the Roman consul Cayo Julio Filopapo.

It is ideal to visit it in the late afternoon to reach the top in the middle of sunset. Without a doubt, a perfect place to disconnect and make you unique and full of beauty souvenir photos.

Temple of Olympic Zeus

This temple is one of the little archaeological sites that still hold part of its structure standing, preserving 15 of the 104 Corinthian columns of 17 meters high that it had at the time of its inauguration.

It is located 500 meters from the Acropolis in a flat area, which makes it perfect to enjoy the views through its beautiful columns, without a doubt another essential place that we must visit and where we can make memorable photos.

These are some of the places you can visit when traveling to the iconic Greek city, but not all. Of course, there are many other points of interest that you can visit with the help of a guide, but with this little article we present some of those sites that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime.

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