May 12, 2020

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Las Vegas

Las Vegas may just be a worldwide known reference to the American way of life taken to the extreme. Often referred to as the city of sin, it is home to endless impressive casinos in a world made of neons and luxury.

Fast-paced, powered by entertainment, roulettes and slot machines, it has grown to become America’s adult playground.

It has served as set to iconic movies and tv shows with endless references to its unique locations.

Even with such exposure, there are still a few things that may be unknown to you and we will go through them in this article whilst pointing out 10 things you didn’t know about Las Vegas.

1 – More Than You Can Eat

City of extremes, you may find yourself having a great meal for somewhere around $10 whilst someone else is enjoying theirs in a panoramic hotel restaurant with some of the best chef’s creations for $1000.

There seems to be no limit to what you can obtain in Las Vegas and those that visit it can find an incredibly wide range of options between incredible value and outrageous luxury.

2 – Have a Drink, Outside!

That’s right, most American States don’t allow drinking outside, with some even focusing on the way in which you transport liquor – either in the trunk or not at all.

Las Vegas takes a more European and relaxed approach, allowing a liberal take on the consumption of liquor on its streets.

With that welcoming liberty, you can fight the immense heat whilst walking down the Strip holding your very much enjoyable ice-cold beer.

3 – Shopping Spree

When most people think of Las Vegas, it’s easy to think of casinos and neons, just as referred earlier in this article.

However, the city offers far more to the visitor than he expects to find. Those that are into shopping will find that a range of endless deals in great stores can be found in Las Vegas Strip, but also in several malls and outlets around the city, making you an offer you can’t refuse!

4 – Grand Canyon Is Right Next Door

One of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world is right next door, waiting for you to be awed by its incredible dimension and beauty.

Take one of the many guided tours and see it from different perspectives: Helicopter, jeep or bus.

For the most radical ones, there are experiences such as rafting down the Colorado River.

Tours often take you to see the Hoover damn, Mead Lake and the Skywalk, a renowned and vertiginous glass platform that sits almost 4.000ft from the ground.

5 – Las Vegas is More Than Gambling

Far more. You can surely take a few minutes to enjoy the experience and bet a small amount just to risk it off your bucket list, however, Las Vegas offers a wide range of fun attractions, restaurants, shops and experiences that will surely make you realize there is far more to the city than you initially thought.

6 – Top Hotels, Top Deals

With top hotels making money mostly from gambling and other attractions, you’ll find extremely competitive rates for superior rooms. With 5-star hotels offering rates from $50 it is practically irresistible for anyone to visit the city even if only to experience the big life without spending too much. Those that opt for weekdays and avoid the weekends will find the most appealing deals.

7 – Dreams Do Come True

Las Vegas is also the place where you can find a wide range of attractions to make your dreams come true. Drive a Ferrari down a track? Get an Elvis impersonator celebrating your wedding? A helicopter or balloon ride? Daily Cirque du Soleil and most of the world’s most renowned singers and musical productions? It’s all here. The only challenge is to keep all these amazing options within your credit card limit.

8 – Las Vegas Can be Seen From Space

Remember all those shiny neons we mentioned before? Alongside all the spectacular lighting that brings the city to life, Las Vegas Strip and downtown alone make it visible and easily identifiable from space. Ask any astronauts in the Space Station and they’ll confirm!

9 – A Slot Gamble That Paid Off

Does the house always win? You can try to emulate the $100-dollar slot bet that earned a record $39.000.000 at the Excalibur.

The 25-year-old that accomplished the feature surely made great use of that once in a lifetime prize and remained anonymous – as you would!

10 – Get Married, Get Going

Love is in the air? You may know that Las Vegas makes getting married very simple, fast. With over 500 weddings a day, all it takes is a driver’s license or a passport, little over $50 and you’re off to your honeymoon!

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