May 18, 2020

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nairobi City in Kenya

Are you looking for an exciting adventure and serene environment within a city? Nairobi, Kenya is the ultimate place to be. Placed in the heart of Kenya, Nairobi is a cosmopolitan and a cultural hub that serves as the capital city of the country. The town offers both urban life and an adventure with nature. It is the only city in sub-Saharan Africa to have a national park. It is with this city that you get to enjoy the uniqueness and peace that nature has to offer together with cultural diversity. Visiting Nairobi should be at the top of your tour destinations due to several reasons.

1.Game drive safaris

Nairobi is well known for its national park. At the heart of the city is Nairobi National Park situated. When it comes to issues of accessibility, therefore, you do not have to be worried. The park is not far from the central business district, and you can easily find commuter services. It only takes you like forty minutes to the park when you ride a park. Thinking of having an adventure and enjoyable time with nature away from the busy streets, then you are in the right place.

The parks offer a diverse species of wild animals including the big five. Get to enjoy the beautiful and fantastic game drives with the help of dedicated tour guides. It is due to this reason that Nairobi is referred to as a wildlife capital. It is in the park that you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the wild and the urban skyline of the city. What better way to spend your weekend than this?

2. East Africa Hub

Nairobi being one of the largest cities in Africa, serves as the regional hub for East Africa. There are many embassies located here and thus making it a diplomatic city. It is also a humanitarian town having to be the headquarters of one of the United Nations discipline.

3.Ease Of Accessibility

You do not have to question accessibility. The city has an airport with direct flights to different parts of the world, including the UK, US and Middle East. Being a tourist hub, it receives frequent regional and international flights.

When you are looking for a stopover destination in the East Africa region, Nairobi is your ideal place. From here, you can access any part of Africa and continue with your adventure.

Are you looking for a weekend getaway? Enjoy first-class and pocket-friendly flights to any destination flying with Kenya Airways, also known as the pride of Africa.

Many international and regional airlines fly to Nairobi including Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad among others.

4. Cosmopolitan City And A Cultural Hub

A place with a mixture of urban and cultural life is what best describes Nairobi. Get to enjoy the fantastic and inviting hangout places within the city and its neighborhood. With many restaurants and bars, you cannot miss a place that excites and eases the tension in you. There is something for everyone here. Don’t be left out from having the time of your life. Get to enjoy the dances, drinking and eating.

Nairobi hangout places are hipster, unexpected and unique. These are traits that hardly come around in many cities across the world. Take advantage of the opportunity and seize the moment.

Where in the world can you be served a mix of street food, cocktails and outdoor art-house cinema? Well, Nairobi has it all but with a distinct vibe that will leave you bewildered.

You get to have a great feeling of the amazing Kenyan culture from the moment you step foot in the airport. The warm smiles of its people have more to tell you about the heart and hospitality you will receive.

5. Amazing Food

Are you a foodie that is always interested in finding new flavors? Well, search no more. Nairobi will offer you both a taste of African and Western dishes. This is with the fact that the city hosts diverse nationalities and their needs have to be catered for.

The common Kenyan dish that will be served to your plate is the ‘nyama choma’. This is not ordinary roast meat. This is something that is made with so much love and pride for the Kenyan culture. Get to be served with a maize-based mash (ugali) and some onion salsa (kachumbari). If you are a person that love drinks, this perfectly goes well with a bottle of beer.

6. Unique Hotels And Hospitality

Where in the world can you have breakfast with giraffes other than Giraffe Manor in Nairobi? A lover of the wild can find the best package Nairobi has to offer. Talk of Tented camps within the park that you can get the true feeling of the wild.

Places To Visit In Nairobi

You can never run out of options when you decide to tour Nairobi. Discussed here are some of the beautiful places with unique activities you can take part in.

·Giraffe Center

Not every city has to offer you opportunities to be with wild animals. Located a few kilometers from the city is the Giraffe Center in Karen. The one unique thing about this place is the opportunity to feed giraffes. This is an ideal place for children or family day.

The park also offers a nature trail that is close by and you can connect with nature.

·Nairobi National Museum

To learn more about the story of the Kenyan people and its culture? Nairobi National Museum is the perfect place to begin. Get to find out fantastic insights into the Kenyan culture and Africa at large.

·Karen Blixen

This is the other ideal place for history lovers. Located in the outskirts of Nairobi, is the former home to the famous and renown Out of Africa author. This is the perfect place to know the genesis of it all and get to know of the African story told by Karen Blixen.

·David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Elephants are rhinos becoming endangered species as they are feeling the hit of poaching. This, therefore, becomes a rescue center for orphan elephants and rhinos as well as a rehabilitation facility.

This is a must-visit place for any animal lover that has a heart for wildlife. The encouraging thing is that the entrance fee you pay is channeled towards the project. You are in apposition to adopt an elephant. This is to mean that you get to care for it while it’s in the conservancy. People that are into the city life are also not left out. There are various places that you can a full fun day without having to spend much. This, therefore, be a center for a diverse generation. Get yourself time off and get to enjoy what Nairobi has to offer.

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