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About Satu Mare in Romania

Satu Mare is a city with a population of 102,400. It is the capital of Satu Mare County, Romania, as well as the centre of the Satu Mare metropolitan area. It lies in the region of Maramureș, broadly part of Transylvania. Mentioned in the Gesta Hungarorum as castrum Zotmar, the city has a history going back to the Middle Ages. Today, it is an academic, cultural, industrial, and business centre in the Nord-Vest development region.

Satu Mare is situated in Satu Mare County, in northwest Romania, on the river Someș, 13 km from the border with Hungary and 27 km from the border with Ukraine. The city is located at an altitude of 126 m on the Lower Someș alluvial plain, spreading out from the Administrative Palace at 25 October Square. The boundaries of the municipality contain an area of 150.3 square kilometres.


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Timezone: Europe/Bucharest (UTC+03:00)
Current time: 04:00

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