April 1, 2020

Dubai Travel Guide: Destinations You Wish You Knew Before

Dubai is without a doubt a city that must be seen to be believed. It’s indeed a destination that needs no introduction. Whether you’ve already embarked your journey in Dubai or looking forward to start your holiday, you must have heard of hundreds of record-breaking destinations all over the internet. But have you ever wondered about those astounding underrated destinations that only the locals take advantage of? Did you know Dubai has the largest theme park and has the first ever haunted hotel in the world?! Yes, not just this- there’s a lot more that you’re not aware of. And that’s where this tour guide takes the lead.

Dubai Travel Guide

Here are top 5 destinations that you can’t miss when you are in Dubai. Stay tuned till the end for a bonus travel tip from locals that you wish you knew before!

1. Al Bastakiya Quarter (Old Dubai)

As we all know, Dubai has revolutionized itself from a city drowned with sand to the leading tourist destination in the world. If you are fond of history and want to know little insights regarding the local culture, this place is for you. Al Bastakiya is an ancient destination filled with ancient heritage that was built in the 19th century by Persian merchants. This dazzling venture which was once a dull, old neighborhood, today has managed to preserve the life of age-old wonders that still hold true to the real essence of old Dubai. Inside the district, you will find the Majlis Gallery and Al Serkhal Cultural Foundation that offers a collection of classic furniture, shops and splendid art exhibitions.

2. Kite Beach

Everyone is familiar with the iconic beaches in Dubai for those laid-back days. Here, we have something different to experience. This beach perfectly suits those who aren’t here for lazying in the sun on a beach chair, but rather want to have some extreme activities. About 20 minutes from downtown Dubai, you can rent a Kiteboard and hire a coach for the day to teach you the basics- or you can ditch and enjoy traditional picnic while you watch the kites dip and swoop like giant butterflies across the aquamarine sea. Not just that, you also get to enjoy VIP treatment is opt for the Sole Mio services.

3. Dubai Miracle Garden

An irresistible view of one of the city’s signature attractions in the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is spread across a wide area of oer 72,000 sq meters. Stroll through the scented blooming alleys of the world’s largest garden to indulge in the most breath-taking views. The garden also showcases a line-up of famous Disney characters, English-style cottages and buildings that will keep you stunned throughout the tour.

4. VR Park in Dubai Mall

Hold on tiger, there’s roller coaster experience ahead! Whether you are a digger for historical heritage or virtual reality, Dubai has got it covered. This park is the world’s largest virtual reality park and it is surely a place you shouldn’t miss while visiting the ever-famous Dubai Mall. Discover more than 30 thrilling rides and experiences for all ages across a range of immersive journey, such as Dubai Drone, Apex and the legendary John Wick experience for all those gaming fans out there.

5. IMG – Worlds of Adventure

Dubai once again went a step ahead to advance your exhilarating journey in UAE. If thrilling rides is your taste, then IMG park is your best bet to go. Yes, this is where the haunted hotel kicks in with its spooky vibes across IMG. With fun-filled themes devoted to your favorite character like Marvel, where you join Spider-Man as he swings across the park and share rides with your favorite Cartoon Network character, IMG won’t fail to exceed your expectations here as well.

How to Reach Dubai?

Now that you know some destinations to see while in Dubai, one thing that still needs to be acknowledged is how modern and efficient Dubai’s international traveling facilities are. The best way to reach the city is via flight. Flights to Dubai link over 200 destinations worldwide. You can land directly at the Dubai International Airport, the busiest airport in the world. The flight can be booked as easily as a few clicks on the internet through various sites that also offer major discount deals and attractive offers on airfare! It is also possible to hire a travel agent and let them handle all your itinerary details.

Bonus Tip:

Dubai is a paradise for shoppers. Those who love to explore on foot will be disappointed by Dubai. Not just that, metro may seem like a convenient and cheaper option, however metros are massively crowded to a point that you have to jostle your way into the metro. According to locals, use of taxi is the best option when it comes to public transport.


Although, Dubai is the pearl of Middle East, there are many destinations that are overlooked. With thousands of tourists visiting this city every year, this mesmerizing city never fails to beat your ordinary holiday and set your standards high.

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