March 23, 2020

Bangkok – An Adventure In Siam

Bangkok is one of the most vibrant, exciting and welcoming cities in Southeast Asia.

For the first time traveller, it can easily feel like there is too much going on at any given moment and therefore, it’s always hard to know where to start.

Rest assured that even if your stay in Bangkok is only over a weekend, you will find more than enough activities and tours to embark on to understand why so many, so often, refer back to this incredible location.

Landing in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi or Don Mueang airports are your gateway to the city and its surrounding marvels. Most of the world’s renowned airlines fly to Suvarnabhumi from all corners of the earth, though the city is also very well served by some of the best regional and low-cost Asian airlines.

The Historical Center

By now you’ll have realized that Bangkok attracts millions of tourists and though some places may feel clichè since everyone seems to visit them, there is a very valid reason why that is.

Bangkok’s historical center is one of immense beauty, including the fantastic Grand Palace with its golden roofs and complex architecture taking you to a whole new and different world.

Not too far you can find the famous Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho), one of the most famous yet impressive examples of a Buddhist temple in all of Southeast Asia.

Alongside this cultural discovery, there are plenty of incredible temples to visit, including Loha Prasat Temple, Wat Saket, and the glorious Wat Arun.

Each with a different style but all sharing the same impressive structural and architectural accomplishments that will leave visitors in awe.

Several other temples and structures can be found mounting back hundreds of years, giving you an insight into what used to be known as the Kindom of Siam.

Into the City Depths

As touristic as Bangkok may be, as mentioned before there is always far too much going on at the same time, so you’re almost guaranteed to find something unique and off the beaten track.

Head to the incredible Flower Market (Pak Khlong) for an explosion of color and vibrant life, whilst hundreds of people bring this place to life going about their daily tasks.

Also within its premises, it’s easy to find a huge deal of market activities that go about selling vegetables and fruits in an old yet picturesque location that will surely take you back in time. It’s surely worth to sit down and observe for a while before you head on in search of more adventure.

When night comes, the visitor should take the opportunity to discover one of the many night markets that will offer the opportunity to understand the full-on pace of the city. With dozens of locations available where daily people can find all sorts of memorabilia, clothing, food, and drinks, night markets feel like a whole world within the world itself. With each having a vibe of their own, famous night markets include Chang Chui Plane Night Market – well known for the Tristar old aircraft that is named after – or any of the two Rod Fai markets, so big that you’re likely to get lost within its premises.

Nightlife 2.0

You may have been out for a fun night elsewhere, but Bangkok may just prove to match any legendary evening you’ve had before.

With an incredible mood where anything is possible and the unexpected is always around the corner, visitors head to the Southeast Capital very often for some welcoming nights under the tropical heat.

Cheap food and drinks are helpful but it’s the never-ceasing abundance of neons, invitations to parties and range of options that will derail any seasoned party-maker.

Khao San Road is often referred to as the epicentre of Bangkok’s party life with a multitude of nationalities and party options taking place in its rather small length. Though not always referred to for all noble reasons, it is undoubtedly a must-visit for anyone that wishes to understand the true spirit of Bangkok.

Since not all nightlife in Bangkok is about partying to the last drop of sweat, there are fantastic options to keep you busy until the late hours.

Heading to Chinatown for a late meal may just prove to be one of them. With its charm and appeal, expect to sit on a bench in a street or an alley and be blown away by some of the best food you’ve ever tasted in your life.

Always sought after for what it seems like an infinite variety of food, locals and tourists alike will share the night enjoying their sumptuous yet cheap meal over an ice-cold beer.

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